Shoutout to Fireship for this concise view on Cloud Services.

Shoutout to Fireship for this concise view on Cloud Services.

This time I would like to bring in some external content. Fireship is known for its concise videos on various computer science and web technology topics. This one found me particularly intrigued:

Fireship videos can be very shortwhile so let me extract some key statements:

"Cloud pricing models are quite complex by design. The more opaque the pricing model, the harder it is for you to determine the cost implications for switching providers."

"They [cloud providers] need ways to make it hard for you to leave and one way to do that is by charging outrageous egress [outgoing data transfer] fees. [...] If you decide to move to a different cloud you are going to have a massive bill to move that data."

"Another big issue is proprietary technology. All the big databases which are closed source and not easy to migrate to other platforms."

This information appears to be known and not specifically linked to the cloud providers as there are business decisions involved that are adaptable in other technology branches. It pays off though to look into the common building blocks of those services, that are interchangeable and also into the building blocks that are screaming "vendor lock in". Those are most often the most comfortable options to get something set up and stick with them for a long time.

In the end Fireship gives some options on how to deal with the choice of cloud services. I'd like to highlight the following:

"Option two is to use the cloud responsibly and by that I mean use open source technologies that are portable which will then allow you to use a multicloud strategy where you pick and choose the best services from each of the major clouds or a hybrid strategy where you use your own hardware for some things and the cloud for others."

This is where circlico wants to help you with:

  • Avoiding vendor lock-in,

  • Maintaining flexibility in the technology choices and therefor cloud cost flexibility.

  • Finding solutions for responsible resource and data usage